Freesat recorders and boxes

These Freesat Recorders receive free-to-air satellite by Freesat. No need to pay any subscriptions. Many Sky customers are leaving Sky to go for Freesat. You an also receive Freesat in areas where normal television reception is difficult, or where the programme choice is limited. For example if you are on a relay transmitter the programme choice is often poor, with Freesat you can receive a very large range of programmes with some being in High Definition.
As these boxes are also recorders you can record up to two programmes at the same time with features such as series record and also pause and rewind live TV.
Wireless broadband connection also gives you Freetime, Freesat's on demand catch up tv system. You can use the Freetime guide to scroll backwards through time to select a programme or you can use on of the on-demand services such as I-Player, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5.
These are versatile boxes to suit our busy lives and give us the greatest enjoyment from our television viewing.

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