Freeview HD Recorders.

The latest Freeview recorders offer so much in convenience and versatility, many features we only dreamed of 20 years ago. Recorders with Hard Disc Drive do away with the necessity for recording on DVDs or video tapes. All our recorders will record two programmes at once and the latest Humax recorders will record up to four at once! They also have the capacity to record programmes in High Definition if available to give the best picture quality
We also stock recorders that included a DVD recorder so that you can copy from HDD to DVD to keep the recording safe for years to come, and recorders that have bluray/dvd players built-in too.
Some recorders feature Freeview Play, by connecting to the internet they off all the catch TV, so if you missed a programme you can still watch it on your recorder. Netflix and You tube are also available on these recorders.

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